Captain O. Bostrom

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In an article in the Capital Journal on June 10, 1935 it states that: SHIP WRECKED ON PT. ARENA San Francisco, June 10 iPi The 28 crew members aboard the grounded lumber schooner Noyo took to lifeboats and abandoned the craft shortly after 9 a.m. Pacific standard time, wireless reports received here said. There were no details on how the rescue was effected. San Francisco, June 10 Grounded on the rocks of Point Arena, from which no ship has ever escaped, the little lumber schooner Noyo and her crew of 20 were at the mercy of a pounding surf early today. While two coast guard cutters sped to the Noyo’s aid and a surf boat load of guardsmen searched through the fog for her. the radio marine wireless station heard t second ship was in distress nearby. Other wireless stations had not heard a second ship call and radio-marine was…

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