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In an article in The Daily Morning Astorian of Astoria, Oregon on May 18, 1890 it states that: A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH. The Sew Steamer “Ckilcat” in the Water. A good many fine steam craft are yearly built at Astoria. One of the finest and stanchest steamers ever built here has been for some time in process of construction at the foot of Lafayette street under the experienced supervision of Capt Mortensen. It is for Messrs. Murray and Morgan and goes to Alaska. Yesterday at noon, was tho hour and minute for launching. The blocks and wedges were knocked away from the ways, and with a start, a glide and then a rush the CJiilcat slipped rapidly and successfully into the water. The launch was in every way satisfactory. The machinery, which will be put in by Arndt & Ferchen, is now at their establishment and will be soon placed. It…

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