Captain Danielson

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In an article in the Bandon Recorder on February 08, 1906 it states that: a candidate for the nomination of Congress- prior to the accident. To Captain John Danielson, of Bandon, is now empian for the First District, subject to the Edwards, Sam related bis sudden notion of the Hepublican party.

In an article in The Coos Bay Times of Coos Bay, Oregon on January 28, 1908 it states that: COOS BAY BAR Norwegian Steam Schooner Transit Loses Propeller and Drifts At Mercy of Wind and Tide Till Relief Comes Columbia Tows in. Beforo the Norwegian steam schooner Transit was towed into the protection of Coos Bay yesterday morning her skipper, Captain Danielson, signed a contract with Captain McGeo of tho tug Columbia agreeing to pay $1000 for the tow. Tho Transit left San Francisco last Friday afternoon, having stopped there other way from Guymas, Mexico, to Nanlmo, Canada, Puget…

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