Captain Dickson

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In an article in the Morning Oregonian., September 20, 1915 it states that: ROSE CITY AND ROANOKE IN Latter Vessel Lowers Her Record From San Francisco One Hour. Beaver Sails With Big Cargo and 260 Passengers. Twenty-four hours overdue as & result of having been fog-bound off the coast, the steamer Santa Clara crossed into the Columbia River at 1:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon, bringing passengers and freight from San Francisco and way points. The steamer Roanoke, of the same line, and the steamer Rose City, of the “Big Three” line. also got into the harbor yesterday from California points, both vessels reporting heavy fogs off the coast. In spite of the fog the Roanoke made what Is believed by her master. Captain Dickson, to have been a record trip for that vessel between San Francisco and Portland. The Roanoke steamed from San Francisco at 10:10 o’clock Friday morning and tied…

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