Captain Henry J. Devitt

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In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on June 11, 1909 it states that: The Steam Schooner Daisy Mitchell Arrives From San Francisco. STEAMER ROANOKE NEARLY READY Portland to San Pedro Liner Will Leave San Francisco for Portland in Near Future to Resume Regular Traffic Has Increased Speed. The steamer Daisy Mitchell. Captain Devitt, arrived at the Columbia dock No. 1 this morning at 6:46 o’clock, after a more or less rough passage from San Francisco, which place she left last Sunday. During her trip up she met three men of war, but it was too dark to make out what nationality they were. The cargo of the Daisy Mitchell consisted of 15,000 sacks of cement, which she is unloading at Columbia dock.

In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on May 31, 1910 it states that: repairs made to her boilers and machinery. Jammed to the hatches…

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