Monsters 1911

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In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on July 29, 1911 it states that: OH MONSTERS … WATERS IN TERRIFIC BATTLE Huge Whale, Pitted Against Swordfish and Thresher Passengers on Steamer Northland Awed by Combat. A pitched battle of exceeding fierceness between a monster whale and a swordfish and thresher was witnessed by passengers of the steamer Northland; which arrived last night from San Francisco, when off Tillamook Head yesterday. It was all that Captain Bodge could do to resist the entreaties of some to stop the steamer so that they could bet on the result. When the battling sea monsters were first discovered the steamer was right on top of them and Captain Bodge says that he thought at first they would run them down. The participants in the scrap sounded, however, when the Northland was within about 60 feet of them, and came up again right close…

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