Monsters 1914

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Editorial Note: such sightings as waterspouts were attributed to sea monsters and gods in Ancient times.. Captain Dickson had seen three over the course of his career to this point.

In an article in the Morning Oregonian on December 14, 1914 it states that: GIANT WATERSPOUT SEEN Captain Dickson Meets Unusual Sight at Sea Vessel Aids in Celebration at Opening of Santa. Cruz City Dock. The North Pacific Steamship Company’s steamer Roanoke. Captain Richard Dickson in command, left San Francisco Friday morning and arrived at Columbia dock at 3 P.M. Yesterday, after completing the fastest passage from San Francisco in more than 10 years continuous running. Daniel McInnes is chief engineer. Captain Dickson said that it was the finest trip he had made In 25 months because of the easterly winds and smooth sea. About one year ago the Roanoke made a fast passage and docked at 4:20 P.M., but…

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