Captain Dodge

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Captain Dodge

In an article in The Oregon Weekly Statesman on May 06, 1870 it states that: From Yaquina. Mr. Horace Miner, of East Portland, who returned yesterday from a trip to Yaquina, informs us that be found business there quite lively. A large number cf men are at work on the mills, the hands at work on the schooner were waiting for lumber, but would be supplied this week. The people at the Bay are very much distressed at the loss of Captain Dodge and bis son. All sorts of rumors are in circulation on the subject. They are anxious to receive any news of tbe recovery of the bodies or the wreck, or anything in connection with the sad affair.

In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on January 26, 1913 it states that: EARLY DAYS ON YAQUINA BAY This Region Has Most Interesting History Pioneer Recalls…

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