Monsters 1903

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In an article in The Daily Journal of Salem, Oregon on August 07, 1903 it states that: Struggle with a Swordfish Christoidior Norwnugh, one of the best known fisherman In the fleet that hails from Block Island, had a terrific battle with -pound swordfish and sustained Injuries from which It Is thought he cannot recover. During the struggle the fish rammed the small boat in which the fisherman was at work and sent Its sword through the hull and into the fisherman’s body, causing a punctured wound of the most Perilous character. So gravely Injured was Norwnugh that the Island doctors thought It nil visible to send the patient to a hospital for surgical and such other treatment as the case might necessitate. Norwnugh was one or the fishing crow of the catboat Lindsey, Captain Edwin Dodge. The craft left Old liar bar In company with the fleet about sunrise…

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