Natal Mutiny 1885

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In an article in The Daily Morning Astorian of Astoria, Oregon on January 31, 1885 it states that: FIGHT WITH MUTINEERS San Francisco, Jan. 20. The … New York special says: The Swedish brigantine Natal arrived yesterday, having sailed from Boston for Brisbane Queensland. On the outward trip a terrible mutiny occurred. The mutineers killed Captain Enstrom’s son. The captain, having no leg irons or handcuffs, shot two of the ringleaders and threw their bodies overboard, The details of the story are horrible. A later dispatch gives the following particulars of the mutiny on the brigantine Natal: “When two months out the captain was attacked in his berth at night by the carpenter, armed with a broad ax, but aided by the mate who beat off his assailant, who was joined by the steward, also armed. The captain staunched his wounds, and he and the mate armed themselves with a…

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