Ocean Wave Boiler Explosion 1871

Skye Research

In an article in The Oregon Weekly Statesman of Salem, Oregon on September 06, 1871 it states that: Mobile, August 23. The Ocean Wave left this city Sunday morning with 200 persons for an excursion to Fish River, 20 miles from this city. On the return trip the boat reached Point Clear at 5 pm and made fast. The band and part of the passengers went ashore. After the lapse of half an hour, the whistle was blown and all returned on board. They had just done so when the boiler exploded with great force. Fragments of timbers of the boat and metal of the boiler were scattered in every direction. The forward part of the cabin was carried away. The smokestack fell on the after deck and crushed it. The boat almost immediately sank, and her bow is now submerged. About 6O or 70 persons were killed or injured…

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