Story of stuff letter April 2023

Willow Garden – Environmental Education

Dear Yvonne-Cher, More than 50 years ago, a massive oil spill sent as much as 100,000 barrels of oil into the water and onto the beaches of southern California. It was the largest spill of its kind, ever. Gaylord Nelson, then Wisconsin’s junior U.S. Senator, sensed a tipping point in a country increasingly alarmed by the dismal state of its environment. So he joined with Congressman Pete McCloskey, a California Republican, to sponsor a series of teach-ins that grew into a movement building juggernaut. Probably the most exciting thing about that first Earth Day is that it brought groups that had been fighting individually against a range of environmental challenges – from oil spills to polluting factories to wildlife extinction and more – together around a set of shared values. And it worked – within five years, the growing movement had helped to create the US Environmental Protection Agency and pass first of…

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