Lightning struck Yellowstone 1916

Skye Research

Coos Bay, Oregon on January 07, 1916 it states that: Lightning struck the foremast of the steam schooner Yellowstone off Coos Bay bar about nine o’clock. High morning and but for the deflection of the… down the cable backstays, Captain Fagerstrom says It would have … the mast. Members of the crew on the forward deck plainly felt the shock, though none of them were stunned by it. The ship crossed in at … today after riding out a howling gale last night that at times threatened to capsize the vessel. Lost Part of Guard Rail. Before leaving San Francisco and while lying in Oakland Creek, California was struck by the worst storm that she has seen in 26 years. Water covered some of the lower streets of Oakland and men rowed through them in boats. The Yellowstone found itself imperiled, even in the harbor, and the craft was washed…

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