Captain Elleson

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In an article in the Morning Oregonian of Portland, Oregon on December 21, 1916 it states that: H-3 SAND LOCKED Plan Evolved to “Log Out” Submarine Like Big Tree. 30-DAY TASK IN PROSPECT Charges Culling for Court-Martial Preferred Against Captain in Charge of Lifesavers Because of Salvage Work. EUREKA. Cal. Dec. 20. (Special.) The submarine H-3, nine feet deep in sand, where she grounded last Thursday, may be “logged out” precisely like the giant redwood trees here abouts, it was learned today. A proposal now being considered by the Navy Department is for a lumber crew to build a skid road down the beach to the vessel, pull her up with a donkey engine, and across half a mile of sand spit to the bay, where she may be overhauled and relaunched. Thirty days, it is said, would be required for the work. Chances of pulling the H-3 out through…

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