Captain Enstrom

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In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on April 30, 1912 it states that: Captain Enstrom. master or the disabled steam schooner Willapa, filed wreck report in the custom house, at Astoria Monday. The boat struck the …

In an article in the Morning Oregonian on April 22, 1912 it states that: ASTORIA. Or. April 11.(Special)The Mam schooner Willapa, which sailed this morning for San Pedro, with a cargo of 713.000 feet of lumber, loaded at Kalama and Frescott. was towed into port this afternoon by the bar tug Fearless with her rudder broken and leaking slightly. Captain Enstrom master of the craft says the steamer crossed out about 1:38 A. M. on the ebb tide. The sea was comparatively smooth, although there was a westerly swell rolling In. When well across the crest and in 30 feet of water, according to the soundings taken by the second mate…

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