Captain Erickson

Skye Research

a shipmaster who sailed the Redwood Coast, northern California and southern Oregon, USA.

In 1887 he commanded the Greenwooda wooden steam schooner.

In 1888 he commanded the Noyoa wooden steam schooner.

In 1899 he commanded the Protection a steam schooner

In an article in The Dalles Daily Chronicle of The Dalles, Oregon on January 05, 1899 it states that: No inquest was deemed necessary. Astoria, Or. Jan. 3. The steam schooner Protection, from Ssattle with a cargo of coal for San Francisco, foundered and sank off Tillamook Rock on the evening of December 31. But one man was lost, and be lost his life in an attempt to lower a boat after it had been determined to abandoned the vessel. The Protection, with a full cargo of coal, including a heavy deckload. Left. Seattle Thursday, December 29th at 2 o’clock. While the vessel was heavily laden, she made…

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