Captain John Fagerstrom

Skye Research

a shipmaster who sailed the Redwood Coast, northern California and southern Oregon, USA.

In 1912 he commanded the Point Arenaa wooden steam schooner.

In an article in the Oregon Daily Journal of Portland, Oregon on January 05, 1914 it states that: Captain John Fagerstrom of the schooner Yellowstone which arrived here yesterday reports a terrific gale sweeping the coast from the south The waves rain high but as the craft was running with there no damage was caused. An idea of the wind’s velocity may be gained from the fact that the steamer made the distance from Cape Blanco to Tillamook lighthouse in 13 hours.

In an article The Oregon Daily Journal of Portland, Oregon on May 25, 1914 it states: that: Captain Fagerstrom brought the steamer Yellowstone of the Arrow line fleet up from Coos Bay and San Francisco, arriving at Albers’ dock yesterday afternoon. She had 400…

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