MATH 020 Famous Ships Redwood Coast Alpha F

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This list provides a further description of the vessels that serviced the Redwood Coast a region in the Pacific Ocean on the western United States from Northern California to southern Oregon. The details for each vessel has been gleaned from resources such as books, online scans of historical newspapers of the region, family history, newsletters of historical societies et al. These often contain personal information of the people, vessels, weather and professional recognition that may or may not be included in online resources. Related posts will be added with links provided on the course website under the first letter of her name.

First Regiment. N. G. C. In an article in the Morning Oregonian of Portland, Oregon on March 07, 1906 stated that:. Albert Charles Adlcr. SAN FRANCISCO. March – Albert Charles Adler. Captain of the First Regiment. N. G. C. and … United States National Bank, died today. He…

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