Penelope’s Diary 04.27.2023

Raven Knightshade

April 27

Animal: Beaver

Flower: Daisy

Gifts: Confidence, Nice Journey, Otherworldly Contact

Ogham: Saille

Stone: Diamond

Sun Sign: Taurus

Tree: Willow

Dear Abby,

Today I spent sometime outside. The first in a few days. The rain had been falling for what seems like forever! The river is running high like it usually foes at this time of year. There a few places where the beavers have built dams. They’ve been doing that since before I was born. The dams get washed out every spring after storms. Since they are across the river I get to watch them at their work. It is great fun to see how fast they move. And listen that they make, I just know if I listen long enough I can learn what they are saying. The bigger beaver claps his hands to get the attention of the other beavers. who are looking at…

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