Attack on Maine, causes U.S. vs. Spanish War 1903

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In an article in the Heppner gazette., November 12, 1903 How The Maine Was Sunk. A small item in a London paper caused my correspondent to look up one Captain Anderson of Penzance, the place made famous by Gilbert and Sullivan. Anderson’s business is that of raising ships, and it was he who inspected the Maine after she had been sunk in Havana harbor and gave a report on her condition to President MeKinley. He says that when he boarded the destroyed battleship he found a scene of haunting horror. His observations showed that the Maine had not been blown up by a torpedo, but by a submarine mine. “It is my opinion,” say Captain Anderson, “that the boat was piloted in by the Spanish authorities and placed directly above the mine,” When Captain Anderson presented r-port President MeKinley looked very grave and asked him if he felt sure that…

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