Santa Rosa Shipwreck 1911

Skye Research

Captain Faria was master of the Santa Rosa when the wreck occurred. He was asleep when the ship was damaged by a submerged rock. As you read the following articles it is reflective of the multiple perspectives of the same event. Who was to blame? Who is telling the truth?

In an article in The Oregon Daily Journal on July 09, 1911 it states that: SECRET OF BLAME FOR (Continued from Page One.) No one has been definitely reported as missing, but in such a state of confusion is the checking of the list of rescued against that of the passengers that, whether a score of lives have been lost or a dozen, or none at all, is purely a matter of conjecture. Captain Faria is a kindly man. He is brave and he has served with the Pacific Coast Steamship company 19 years creditably. But he failed in theā€¦

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