Water Usage: Shower vs. Bath

Willow Garden – Environmental Education

These are statistics pulled from the 50 things you can do to save Hawaii text.

Bath, when using a full tub, you use 36 gallons of water. The energy usage to heat this volume of water needs to be added to the calculation of energy waste.

Shower, (length of time is not specified) assume they mean average length water usage is 25 gallons. They recommend to lather the soap, rinse off and shut off the water. In other words don’t waste any time letting the water to just run and the usage can drop down to 4 gallons.

Water usage can be reduce to up to 50% by installing a low flow shower head.

  • Ideas on how to reduce one’s water usage:
    • Share a bath or shower with a friend, strangers may not be as friendly
    • Go to the beach and splash around in the waves for a bit
    • Go…

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