Captain C. J. Fosen

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a shipmaster who worked along the Redwood Coast, north California and south Oregon of the United States of America.


In 1900, he commanded the Newsboy a Wooden Steam Schooner.


In 1904, he commanded the Rival a Wooden Steam Schooner.


In 1907, he commanded the Melville Dollar a steam schooner

In an article in The Coos Bay times of Coos Bay, Oregon on June 18, 1907 it states that: Fresh from a ninety-two day trip around the Horn, the steam schooner Melville Dollar, Captain C. J. Fosen, arrived in Coos Bay yesterday after noon from San Francisco, leaving there Friday afternoon. The vessel belongs to the Dollar Steamship Company, one of tho largest steamship companies on the Pacific coast, and was recently bought by them in the east. She was formerly known as the John C. Howard, but was given the name of Melville Dollar by theā€¦

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