Captain C. Gielow

Skye Research

A shipmaster who worked along the Redwood Coast, North California and southern Oregon, United States of America

In 1900, he commanded the Coos Bay Wooden Steam Schooner.

In 1912, he commanded the City of Topeka

In an article in the Oregon daily journal on January 08, 1912, it states that: San Francisco; Jan, ft. Failure to dlftrni Anrnna TTtinllr m manias In a revolver duel, Captain C. Gielow. on the H Schooner City of Topeka, blinded the mad man with a powerful searchlight and routed him from a stateroom with a stream of water from a hose.., Kurrik boarded the vessel at Eureka. He went Insane one day out and ranmmucing his revolver right and next. An … wireless call was sent for aid, but when it arrived, the Dunaea maniac was in irons.

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