Captain K. P. GENEREAUX, diver, salvager of San Francisco

Skye Research

In an article in The morning Astorian., July 28, 1908: KELTON IS WRECKED ONCE MORE BREAKS ADRIFT FROM DOLPHIN, WITH BARGES AND ABANDONED OTHER NOTES The derelict steamer Minnie E. Kelton, wrecked off Yaquina, towed to this port by the Washington, and subject, ever since, to divers and sundry schemes to put her afloat and tow her to the up-river drydocks, for general repair and renewed service on the coast, has again fallen upon unlucky ways, and is now, perhaps,at the bottom of the near Pacific, or helpless upon its strands, north or south of the Columbia bar. Captain Genereaux, the official salvor of the San Francisco Underwriters, had finally taken over the direction of raising her to an even keel and taking her up the Columbia, and had searched up the Columbia and had succeeded to a point where she was cabled up between a pair of heavy barges…

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