Captain Thomas Gunderson

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A shipmaster who worked along the Redwood Coast, North California and south Oregon, United States of America.

In 1898 – 1900 he commanded the Alcazar a wooden steam schooner.

In an article in the Morning Oregonian of Portland, Oregon on December 25, 1900 it states that: Dora. Short of Provisions. Captain Gunderson, the bar pilot, who brought the Italian ship Dora in yesterday, tells an interesting story about the condition that she was in. He boarded her about 9 o’clock yesterday and the Captain immediately invited him into the cabin for breakfast. It consisted of coffee without sugar and some hard tack. At noon the bill of fare was the same and ate supper It was varied with macaroni and molasses. He then learned from the Captain for the first time that the vessel was short of provisions and therefore took an extra chance to get inside last night.


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