Swordfish stabbed ship 1895

Skye Research

In an article in the The Daily Morning Astorian of Astoria, Oregon on July 02, 1895 it states that:When the steamer Pasadena was taken out on the marine railway the other day a curious discovery was made, says the Humboldt Times. A sword fish had evidently mistaken the vessel for a whale and had given It what to the cetaceun would have been a death blow. The mistake of the marine swordsman must have startled and jarred him somewhat from the suddenness with which he had been placed hors de combat, for he left a foot of bis weapon sticking In the side or the vessel. The sword was found sticking from the port side of the vessel about three feet above the keel in the run at the stern of the vessel, and the force of the blow was apparent by the fact that the bony weapon had goneā€¦

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