Finding One’s Muse as a writer

As I have written a plethora of articles, blog posts, and books on a variety of subjects I am aware of the need to be in the correct headspace. I have written a variety of environments at home, in an office in Oregon, in my store in California, a Hawaiian coffee shop, a restaurant in Washington, a hostel or three in London, Athens, in a camper in the Redwoods, in a rest stop or camping area in Louisiana, with others or alone. A constant in these multiple environments is audio stimulation, music or videos. I at an earlier time hand wrote my thoughts on notebook paper. As I am currently editing the Sea Captains Redwood Coast I watch the Love Boat reruns to entertain my creative brain while I research the facts involved in the reports of maritime trade. as Yvonne-Cher Skye. Now when I write as Raven Knightshade, I tend to play old horror films with Vincent Price, Twilight Zone and Friday the 13th the series.

One response to “Finding One’s Muse as a writer”

  1. Love it. Proof that the writer in a writer can write anywhere – no – the writer in the writer simply must write, no matter where.

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