World of Raven Knightshade

Raven Knightshade

Greetings to all,

As you peruse the links connected with this page, you will glimpse into my many literary worlds and imagination. How you will feel once you leave these pages, is of no consequence to the founders of Afterlife Institutions. It is through the urging of a former mate that a separate website be created with a focus on my creative works apart from the band, though I am a founding member of the Black Rose Society, all of the experiences and stories intertwine weaving an immense black widow’s web of which once you come into contact, you are forever changed in form. It is thought that in order to support the volume of creative works from Raven Knightshade, a separate section is required. It is currently in the works, and you should be able to access, Knightshade Manor, Afterlife Institutions, The Abbey, Howard Place, Dark Highways, Paranormal Palace…

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