Penelope’s Diary 5.11.2023

Raven Knightshade

Animal: Beaver

Flower: Lily

Gifts: Confidence, Nice Journey, Otherworldly Contact

Ogham: Saille

Stone: Emerald

Sun Sign: Taurus

Tree: Willow

Dear Abby,

Lemuralia – Rome – ghosts of the family’s dead. Who were troublesome; needed to be exorcised particiapnts walked barefoot cleansed three times threw back behind them nine times to appease spirits of the dead. Third day Merchant’s festival was held and May is unlucky in marriage.

Ogham Trees Ash – inertia, boredom, change one’s outlook, difficult time.

Suggestion: Use the lines on the next page to write about your thoughts on the symbols listed above, or thoughts on the journal entry.

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