Song Lyrics: Little Girl Lost

Sinister October – Music

Please come inside

into my little room

let me show you

my toys

let me show you

my world

don’t be afraid

make yourself at home

I am just a soul

locked up in this room

Please stay with me

I need another friend

besides my tears

besides my fears

They locked me up

inside this little room

don’t know if I’m dead

but my soul is doomed

Here lies my bed

made up all nice

this is where I sleep

each and every night

Behind this door

hangs my favorite dress

never mind the blood

upon the floor

Don’t run away

please stay with me

it is not my fault

what happened to me

Here are my dolls

lined up on the shelf

do you like what they wear

I dressed them by myself

Do you wanna stay

have dinner tonight

maybe mom won’t forget

to turn out the…

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