Captain Jack Hendricksen killed by car-jackers in 1916

Skye Research

01 Mar 1916 in an article in the Rogue River courier 16 BANDIT SUSPECTS JAILED AT LOS ANGELES L With 16 bandit suspects jailed, police today believed they had caught the men and women responsible for many recent Crimes here, including the Culver City bank robbery and the murderer of Captain Jack Hendricksen. Three women were caught in the dragnet Miss Eva Douglass, alias Mrs. R. Renwick, is alleged to have been the directing genius of the men engaged in auto hold-ups. She has relatives in Reno, NV the police claim. D. E. Renwick, one of the men under arrest with her, Is known to officers of Portland, OR One suspect has been partially identified as the Culver City bandit, and two are believed to be implicated in the killing of Hendricksen.

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