Penelope’s Diary 05.12.2023

Raven Knightshade

May 12

Animal: Beaver

Flower: Lily

Gifts: Confidence, Nice Journey, Otherworldly Contact

Ogham: Saille

Stone: Emerald

Sun Sign: Taurus

Tree: Willow

Dear Abby,

A weeping willow is my favorite tree. The branches make me think of long flowing hair. And the leaves would be its highlights, especially on windy days. Someone once told me that trees show they are thirsty when their leaves turn upside down. Cause that is how they drink rain. So it is a way to know rain is coming. The faster and more excited the leaves are, then the more rain is coming. I think it is true. I have noticed before a big storm the weeping willow seems to dance, like it is going pull up its roots and walk away. Most of the time the willow seems to lean like it is resting. I like to sit under the branches and watch…

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