Ariel of the Afterlife Institutions

Raven Knightshade

From the Book Dark Highways

A Banshee who resides within the caretakers cabin on the edge of the forest, it enables her to keep an eye on the creatures within the forest, as well as the temporary bungalows for the arriving children. She spends part of her time at the Manor, and part of her time guiding souls through the fens of Northern Europe.

Further Introductions can be found in Knightshade Manor, Kerringer Castle, Browning Memorial Hospital and the following:

She has the slim muscular body of a swimmer. She is of a race of merpeople . Her ability to communicate with animals and the youmg allows her to comfort those souls. She is wild and fierce and very protective of her wards. To her wards she is warm and carung, never sneak up on her. Shout her bane from a distance so she can see your approach. She does…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this idea. Anita

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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