Animals I have met

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The following is a list of autobiographical stories involving animals experienced by Yvonne-Cher Skye.

Many of these stories have been shared orally with friends and acquaintances. They are all true and no embellishments are required as they are from my personal experiences and showcase the greatest and awe-inspiring beings that animals are, enjoy.

  1. My night with a mountain lion
  2. Sacred circle with wild horses
  3. Orca encounter
  4. Feline guard
  5. Cathouse blues
  6. Fox at the window
  7. Orangutang temper tantrum
  8. Rabbit!
  9. Simon Buddha spirit
  10. Warrior greeting
  11. Appaloosa delight
  12. Dolphin splashdown
  13. Stingrays act like puppies
  14. Stray golden lab at Apollo’s temple
  15. Petey Ensenada boxer and tour guide
  16. Wild horse road block
  17. Sparrowhawk greeting
  18. St. Bernard running partner
  19. Pug snuggle kept my alive
  20. Rear-ended by a Mojave rattler
  21. Hawaiian Girl Elephant friend

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