My night with a mountain lion

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As an archaeologist working in the South Dakota, Wyoming area in the United States we were living close to the badlands and two of my colleagues and myself decided to hike during the day and camp overnight in the early spring before tourist season started. We though it was great, we were the only campers at the campground. The trails were quite isolated as well. I saw two other hikers during the day trek. I was trying to break in new hiking boots and turned back to camp at a much shorter turn around as I was in pain due ti the blisters. As I relaxed at the camp, my colleagues hiked further into the badlands. We had driven past a single buffalo on the way into region. He was standing very still chewing grass while corralled within a fenced-in field. We had also driven past a few edge of…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this idea. Anita

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