Penelope’s Diary 5.13.2023

Raven Knightshade

May 13

Animal: Beaver

Flower: Lily

Gifts: Completion

Ogham: Huath

Stone: Emerald

Sun Sign: Taurus

Tree: Hawthorn

Dear Abby,

Today I went to visit the beavers again. It has been dry weather so I am sure the dams they built are still in place. They were all solid looking and full of branches, dirt mud clumps and leaves. I sat for a little bit admiring them from across the creek. I think they are a town and that some are family and others are neighbors.

I see that today’s gift is completion. The dams are a completion. I am so proud of the beavers, the water is pooling just right. I know and the beavers know the next storm will wash them away but this time right now they are complete that is what is important.

I came home and Mother had brought Lilies from Auntie’s Garden. I…

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2 responses to “Penelope’s Diary 5.13.2023”

  1. We had a summer cabin in northern Sweden, where I grew up, and it was next to a river with lots of beavers. I loved watching them swimming and working. Your post brought back memories.

    1. Wonderful! That is the purpose of Penelope’s journal to remind us of the wonders in the world. I am happy to read your reaction.

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