Primal Primates – Chimpanzee

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I am someone who writes from life experiences. Often drawing inspiration from stories that others share with me, I have encountered death in a myriad of forms hence the tendency to write horror stories. I am an admirer of the late great American author Edgar Allan Poe. The father of the who-done-it murder mystery genre. One of his first tales was the Murders of the Rue Morgue. I have often pondered what experience in his life created this antagonist. If you don’t know or remember, it is time to read it again. I refuse to spoil a story’s ending. Another of Poe’s idiosyncrasies was to use terms that were not of the everyday usage so readers were required to look them up. Back to the purpose of this article and the title. I have had two very distinctly threatening experiences with large primates. The first involved a five-year old chimpanzee…

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