Feline Guard

Chaos – Services, Promotions, and Products

Her name is Tinkerbell.

But in her tongue it sounds like maamaahs,

Her pride and ancestral heritage is North American woodland feline.

She scoffs at the term “Tabby” .

Her eyeliner, is always perfect.

Her body art acts as camouflage.

Invisible in any dappled woodland environment with gray trees;

which includes grey wooden fences.

She is 13 years old with a lifetime of service;

to a blind woman, my neighbor

Tinkerbell’s daily sentry duties includes several homes in the community.

When I arrived two years ago, we were introduced via her owner.

During that meeting, she observed me and accepted my offerings of affection.

It was on that day, she decided I needed her services.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Greetings and salutations upon my entering and exiting my home
  • Escort to and from my vehicle
  • Escort to and from the edge of the parking lot…

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