Jhoanon of Archaya

Raven Knightshade

Husband of Amiah, he co-owns the only pub in town. He stands a foot taller than hi s wife, the years of lifting kegs and eating the finest food from Amiah;s kitchen gave the impression of tall thick man who could stand his ground. A master of non-verbal intimidation, a single glance kept hos customers from getting too rowdy. If trouble did rise, he lifted people as easily as he did kegs. Lover of the ladies, of which Amiah would laugh, offerimh him up to any woman foolish enough to fall for his flirtations. . For his mental pleasure, he enjoys manipulating others, testing their wit. Is known to using one’s secrets against them. He is an open-minded to do any number of things make a profit. His sandy blond hair often unkempt. His handle broom mustache accents his chirming smile. While his piercing eyes observe all. Cordial to the…

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