Redwood Captains Surname A pages KDP price increase

Skye Research

Dear readers,

When this website was first developed posts were created to introduce the subjects. As further research and greater resources were developed enabled us to upload more accurate data for this resource website. The posts are being replaced by pages. Links to the pages are via buttons on the course main page. In this case, under the MATH 008 tab is a series of buttons listed alphabetically under the Redwood Coast region. Bear in mind, this website is continuously under construction with improvements everyday. KDP publishing is raising printing costs for all books larger than 6 x 9 which includes all of the 8 x 10 educational Modules. In order to circumvent this, the books can be purchased via pre-order via Your Girl Friday International. Other arrangements can be made via YGFI such as documentation via PDF. Prices on Amazon will have to increase to compensate for their printing…

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