Cathouse Blues

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I was once a volunteer at a Cat Rescue in Fresno, California. Where I lived, I was unable to have pets, which has become a trend for landlords in America. So, to combat my blues I decided to volunteer in order to still interact with cats. The deal with rescue cats is that they have often experienced either psychological, emotional and physical trauma. The facility was divided into separate visitation rooms categorized by the cat’s age groups. Each room had furniture, toys, scratching posts, food bowls, water bowls, kitty litter pans, everything a kitty would need. Kittens had their room, of which humans were to enter first to protect the kittens immune systems. Teenagers and few year-olds were housed in another room. Seniors and mature cats had the third room. Human visitors were encouraged to visit with the cats, to play with them. Mostly to help them rebuild trust of…

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