Acme Redwood Coast Schooner 1901 – 1924

Skye Research

Acme a wooden steam schooner that served the Redwood Coast .

She was built by the shipwright John W. Dickie in 1901 at the Alameda I shipyard. She weighed 416 tons and measured 154 feet.

In 1908 she was commanded by Captain Olsen.

From 1917 – 1924 she was commanded by Captain Fred Miller.

On 31 Oct 1924, she was shipwrecked and ran ashore at Coquille River Bar, near Bandon, Oregon of the United States of America. She had arrived off the Coquille bar on the evening of the 30th and found the bar too rough to cross. Captain Fred Miller decided to cruise around until the bar seas moderated. About 2 A.M. he turned the bridged over to the mate and went to bed after being on the bridge most of the time since leaving San Francisco due to adverse weather. He was awoken around at 4 am…

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