Penelope’s Diary 5.25.2023

Raven Knightshade

May 25

Animal: Deer

Flower: Lily

Gifts: Completion

Ogham: Huath

Stone: Emerald

Sun Sign: Gemini

Tree: Hawthorn

Dear Abby,

Deer are amazing animals. When I see one, I want to get real quiet. I want to just watch them. Because we have forests around us, I have seen them a lot. Their legs are so thin it makes me wonder how they don’t fall over. They are watchers, always turning their head so they can see all around them. I once saw one walk around the baseball diamond at the park. She was walking from second base to third. I filmed two that came close to the house. Through the window. they were nibbling on the wild onions and laid down for a nap. It was really fun to see them so close. I think I cam learn about quiet and being alert to where I am, and…

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